From The Inventor

March 2020, as the COVID 19 reaches pandemic status, governmental mask mandates were put into place. Quickly consumer demand surpasses supply. People are buying disposable and cloth masks or making masks at home from everyday materials. The inventor, John Melching Jr., wasn’t satisfied with the products he could find in the marketplace. Those masks were uncomfortable to wear and didn’t fit correctly, allowing contaminants to be let in or out of the masks. After days of exhausting research, he discovered that masks hadn't been reengineered in almost 100 years, so he decided to create PROPERLY MADE MASKS™ to make a mask that maximizes protection, comfort, and performance. PROPERLY MADE MASKS™ are made of 100% silk, with rigid side brackets eliminating gaps on both sides of your face. Plus, the adjustable lanyard eliminates ear discomfort.


Early in 2020 as Covid 19 cases began to rise, mask mandates were put into place. At that time, there was a shortage of masks (still is…if you consider the lack of properly performing masks). The masks that were available required that loops be placed around the ears (still do). It didn’t matter if they were cheap pleated surgical masks, commercially produced cloth/synthetic masks, or homemade masks. As a 63-year-old man, 6′- 4″ tall and weighing 275 lbs. (some would call me a large grumpy old man, but I swear I’m not that grumpy), I certainly didn’t want to contract the Corona Virus. I tried many different masks, because I could not find the correct one. I came to realize that there were, and still are, many critical and dangerous flaws in the masks I purchased – they deformed and hurt my ears.

I could not wear any single one of them for more than an hour or so before the discomfort was too much. I often took them off when I shouldn’t have. They would “cup” on the sides, allowing more unfiltered air in (and out). They would pull down off of my nose. It was nearly impossible for me to wear my regular glasses. When I took the mask off, I would often forget where I set it and lose it (oops…time for another mask!). I also had an absent-minded tendency to set my mask down anywhere, not knowing if that surface was contaminated or not (if I were infected, I could possibly spread the virus to that surface and then to others, shame on me).

It was clear that practically everyone else I spoke to or saw on social media, news reports, etc…had the same complaints. I started to review all of the “hacks” (a word I learned proving you can “teach an old dog new tricks”!) designed by others. The hacks ranged from impractical to absolutely ridiculous. I knew that something had to be done. So, over many restless nights and cups of coffee I did it; I started solving the problems.

I used the comments and recommendations of others, as well as engineering basics to help with my progress. (I won’t go into the force/load vector analysis that I used. That’s even boring for me.)

As I stated above, I am a handicapped veteran, an architectural engineer (thus the vector analysis comment), but most importantly, a new grandfather. I am a family man who has been involved with several charities and foundations throughout the years, representing childhood leukemia, Wounded Warriors, the Red Cross, etc. We lost our 12-year-old niece to leukemia. Life is precious, and I believe children’s’ lives are the most precious of all. I say this because, to protect children (and everyone) and as an engineer, I know the importance of a system’s performance. IT MUST PERFORM TO THE BEST LEVELS POSSIBLE.

As an engineer, the saying goes: “FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION” (protection, comfort, and adjustability are more important than pretty. Although, I will say our launched product is very good looking). As a veteran, I know the importance of a properly working mask (as I have been certified on combat gas masks). The masks we must wear now are no less important; they need to protect our children and us. As an older person, I know that if masks are uncomfortable we will not wear them correctly, or for the proper duration, and neither will our children.

So, I thought, if I could fix the major issues, everyone would be better off. Logic dictates…the more comfortable and adjustable a mask is, the longer a person/child would wear it. The longer they wear it, the better the odds that they would not be infected by the virus…thus saving lives. I did not set out to design a better mask for financial gain. The market is full of mask suppliers now, with very slick advertising. I will go out on a limb and say they entered the market with profit being their ultimate objective. I do not believe actual performance, let alone increased performance, was a top priority for most. Our masks, PROPERLY MADE MASKS™, were designed/developed to solve the genuine problems presented by other masks (I refer you to our “Comparisons” section where you can see for yourself).

My solution to the many problematic issues inherent in other masks may seem simple. You may ask…”why didn’t I think about this?”. Well, in reality, you might have. Someone had to, just as one industrious hairy caveman eventually created the first wheel. As simple as the solution may seem, I went through many different designs, 3D printing each, having my friend hand sew mask after mask (until she thought I was insane, but I still thank you Rachel). I would wear the designs, reject them until I finally reached what you see on this website. I wanted to stay within the KISS engineering principle.. KEEP IT SIMPLE…and SAFER!

The most important, patent-pending, features of PROPERLY MADE MASKS™ greatly increase PROTECTION, COMFORT, and ADJUSTABILITY.

As pertains to PROTECTION

  1. Utilize silk, independently tested to be the best natural material to trap impurities and moisture; the closest to the performance of the FDA approved N95 mask as possible.
  2. Utilize two layers of silk, in effect providing protection as if wearing two surgical masks. As we know, the government suggests wearing two, or even three, masks at one time.

  3. Have a pocket for the installation of an optional/disposable carbon fiber filter, in essence providing three layers of protection. You can order these filters on this website.

  4. Seal flat to the sides of your face. Other masks often “cup” at each side, allowing contaminated air to travel in and out, possibly infecting others.

  5. Have a formable strip at the nose to greatly minimize air infiltration and fogging of any eyeglasses, as well as increase your window of sight.

  6. Can be worn as-is or by folding up the very bottom to eliminate the chin being covered. This also stops more air infiltration, allows persons with beards to use our mask, and keeps the mask from sliding off your nose when talking.

  7. Allow the safe lowering of the mask without having to set the mask down via the 100% adjustable lanyard. Just slide the friction lock on the lanyard to its fullest open position and wear the mask like a necklace. This eliminates the risks of losing the mask and cross-contamination.

  8. Keep the mask as small as possible, making it easier to recognize your friends (or enemies?). By being small, as opposed to the giant-sized/bandanna-type masks you will see, less materials are used which also improves our carbon footprint.

  9. Utilize natural silk and not synthetics, our mask will biodegrade several years before other manmade products out there.

  10. Are washable; more convenient for you and better for the environment.

  11. Keep children’s ears from experiencing possible permanent ear issues. (There are now medical studies completed and ongoing showing that masks can be permanently harmful to growing ears.)

As pertains to COMFORT

  1. Completely eliminate the need for your ears to be used. 100% eliminating distortion and discomfort to your ears. This allows you to wear the mask for much longer periods without irritation.
  2. Allow the ears to be free to wear glasses of all types, hearing aids, earrings, and any other ear accessories or devices.
  3. Eliminate hair entanglement issues.
  4. Have a sewn-in horizontal stiffener that keeps the mask from being sucked into your mouth (especially when exercising!)
  5. Can be worn by persons with ear disabilities. Thus our proud involvement with Microtia organizations and Wounded Warriors (please consider donating to these wonderful causes).
  6. Are 100% adjustable, vertically and horizontally, as it pertains to pressure on your face: You can wear it as tightly or loosely as you choose.
  7. Are made of silk, proven to be one of the best materials for breathability.
    Silk has also been shown to be less irritating to your face than other materials.
  8. Minimize how much of your face is covered. This reduces heat buildup, irritation to the skin, and what is now called “mask acne” (like we needed another form of acne).

As pertains to ADJUSTABLITY

  1. Are 100% adjustable horizontally, as it pertains to pressure on your face. You can wear it as snugly as you want (this also can help makeup stay in place).
  2. Via the included lanyard, our masks allow you to set whatever pressure you want on your face. You can set how low you wear the mask. You can preset the lanyard to wear comfortably around your neck when lowered; allowing you to raise and lower the mask as needed without ever adjusting the lanyard again.
  3. The side clips sewn into the mask have several vertical adjustment points allowing you to relocate the lanyard attachment point that is best suited to your unique face shape and size.

PROPERLY MADE MASKS™ are paving the way for a new standard of mask: a mask that will provide the best protection, comfort, and adjustability possible. There has to be a mask that will be in every home for every person, for safety. Just like a fire extinguisher is kept for fires, this mask can be kept readily available for the current virus, the next virus, flu outbreaks, colds, etc. Let’s face it, masks are here to stay, so why not think about what is best for you and your family.

That concludes the most important stuff…now, if I may, add a few final thoughts…

It has taken months (of very long hours of input by very dedicated people, designing many different prototypes, 3D printing them, hand stitching mask models, having others wear our prototypes and critique) to have a final product as presented to you in this website. Hours needed to work out every additional issue that arose. We strongly believe outperform anything else. I can say this with great confidence, because I am willing to have any other mask producer compare their mask to PROPERLY MADE MASKS™ in a public forum. I formally challenge someone to accept my offer to debate (wouldn’t that be fun as well as informative!). You may ask yourself when visiting other mask sites, do they offer the same invitation for comparison? They do not. Now ask yourself…WHY?

We are a self-funded startup company. As such, we do not have the deep pockets of the other producers. I am extremely thankful to have a generous friend of many years, that believes in PROPERLY MADE MASKS™ as much as I do who was capable to help us launch. I thank you, Dave. As I said, many others have dedicated many hours as well, because they too believe. We are trying to compete in a saturated market with limited funds. Our goal is to get you and your friends informed as to what we offer. We will do everything possible to be successful in providing a mask based on saving lives, not based on a bottom dollar. How quickly we can do that is up to you. I will be doing YouTube videos showing comparisons as well as providing news and status reports. I will try and get social media to help. I will do whatever TV news shows we can to get the word out. But you can help as well. By buying our mask, you will not only help yourself but others as well by getting the word out there. If anything should go viral, it is this mask. I wish I was more socially savvy as it pertains to influencers, Instagram, twitter, etc… I am working on it (remember I’m a not-so-grumpy old man)… but I, we all, need your help.

Once you understand what we offer, tell your friends, your school board, write to your government representatives. (The government has been presenting bills that will direct FEMA and other agencies to buy masks for the public. Would it not be better that they spend our hard-earned dollars on the right mask?)

These are frightening and critical times. Even though the worst seems to be over (let’s all pray it is), masks are here to stay. It is so very important for all of us to protect ourselves, and our children, in public and everywhere possible. Do you want yourself, or your children, or your family members to wear an inferior mask that has comfort and performance issues? Or, would you prefer to wear a mask that provides the best possible protection and comfort? Get this mask. Wear them, or keep them in your drawers (ahem, dresser drawers), so you don’t get caught up in the next shortage.


Be safe, be informed!
I truly thank you for your time,